Alloy Technical Support

Alloy tachnical support1

In our world there's no room for almost.

We help customers solve their most difficult and challenging technical issues.  Our team of technical support staff works closely with our customers to understand their business, their products, and the markets they serve. This collaborative approach enables us to provide value to our customers beyond that of the alloys themselves.

With this approach, we’ve developed hundreds of commercial and engineering contacts throughout the world and engage them regularly as part of our research and development efforts. We focus our efforts on understanding the technical requirements of the application and work directly with our customers’ engineers to design their products more aggressively and explore technologies previously considered infeasible.

Technical services include:

  • One-on-one alloy consultation
  • Technical support
  • Testing samples
  • Failure analysis
Alloy tachnical support2

Whether we are developing a new high-temperature alloy that pushes operating temperatures to higher levels or a unique corrosion-resistant alloy that performs where other alloys can’t, we partner with our customers to create innovative solutions for demanding applications and emerging technologies.