Principal Features

HAYNES® HR-120® alloy (UNS N08120) alloy is a solid-solution-strengthened heat-resistant alloy that provides excellent strength at elevated temperature combined with very good resistance to carburizing and sulfidizing environments. Its oxidation resistance is comparable to other widely used Fe-Ni-Cr materials, such as alloys 330 and 800H, but its strength at temperatures up to 2000ºF (1095ºC) is significantly higher, even in comparison to Ni-Cr alloys. The alloy can be readily formed hot or cold, and is commonly welded using HAYNES® 556® filler wire.


Applications include those which require high strength combined with good resistance to carburizing and sulfidizing environments such as the following:

• Bar Frame Heat Treating Baskets                                        • Radiant Tubes

• Wire Mesh Furnace Belts and Basket Liners                       • Cast Link Belt Pins

• Muffles, Retorts                                                                    • Recuperators

• Heat Treating Fixtures                                                          • Fluidized Bed Components

• Waste Incinerators


HR-120® alloy heat treat furnace basket and mesh liner. This 3/8 inch diameter rod frame basket has replaced 1/2 inch diameter baskets in similar design in 330 and 600 alloys. This reduction in rod diameter is equivalent to a 43% weight reduction.

Heat Treatment

HAYNES® HR-120® alloy is furnished in the solution annealed condition, unless otherwise specified. Depending on the product form, the alloy is solution annealed at a temperature ranging from 2150 to 2250 °F (1175 to 1230 °C) and rapidly cooled. For more information on heat-treatment, please click here.