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Management Systems Standards

Haynes International, Inc. - Kokomo, Indiana

DEKRA Certification, Inc.

Pratt & Whitney

Westinghouse PAD

Bechtel Plant Machinery, Inc., CPRS 

Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.

ITP, Industria de Turbo Propulsores S.A.

Haynes Wire Company - Mountain Home, North Carolina

General Electric

Haynes International, Inc. - Arcadia, Louisiana

Haynes International, Inc. - Shanghai, China

Haynes International, Ltd. - UK

Haynes International, S.A.R.L. - France

Cergy Pontoise Cedex, France

Haynes International AG - Switzerland

U.S. Government CAGE Codes:

Kokomo Mfg. Plant
Haynes Wire Company
Arcadia Tube Plant
La Mirada Service Center
Houston Service Center
Windsor Service Center
Haynes International LaPorte

80357 - Since 1974
3A860 - Since 1974
5U296 - Since 1981
0U6N2 - Since 1992
054A5 - Since 1996
1QDM6 - Since 2003
3LMQ4 - Since 2018


EXB (GFH) 12/1/98

  • Old SIC Code (Standard Industrial Classification) was 3356
  • New NAICS (North American Industry Classification System)
  • For the Kokomo, Indiana Manufacturing Plant - 331491
  • Nonferrous Metal (except Copper and Aluminum), Rolling, Drawing, and Extruding
  • For the Arcadia, Louisiana Tubular Products Plant - 331491
  • For our Various Service Centers - 423510