Sales and Service

Our global experience. Locally available.

Wherever design decisions are made and high-performance alloys are in demand, Haynes International is there. With a single point of contact, we can better fulfill your needs and reduce your cycle time.


One of Haynes’ unique strengths is that we can sell directly from our mill or through our worldwide service centers. Whether you need 5-pounds or 5-million pounds, you'll get the same full service plus technical back-up from Haynes International and our authorized worldwide distributors.

Service is why we’re better.

Our four North American service centers are located within 48 hours of delivery to any North American customer. Our presence in Europe is driven by wholly-owned, affiliate companies located throughout the region, along with a master distributor for corrosion alloys in select markets. The recent expansion of our 70,000 sq./ft. facility in East Manchester, United Kingdom helps us meet the service demands for both aerospace and industrial gas turbine markets.

We have been doing business in Asia since the late 1950’s. To further strengthen our presence there, we established a Singapore sales office in 1999. The Singapore office provides a springboard for reaching the emerging markets of the ASEAN region.

salesserviceIn 2003, we expanded our Asian operations by opening a 30,000 square foot service center in the Shanghai region, which offers finished products available for immediate delivery from stock and a range of cutting capabilities suitable for the chemical and industrial gas turbine industries.

From there, we can export our products to neighboring countries, including South Korea, Japan, and others. The Chinese service center has close access to the sea port and the international airport, and major roadways surrounding Shanghai.

Whether you need on-demand delivery of finished goods, end-use technical support or a partner with a global presence, Haynes International provides value far beyond the alloys themselves.